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Fax without a fax machine

Send and receive faxes from anywhere, at anytime with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Internet faxing B

Get all the benefits of traditional faxing with the added power and flexibility of the cloud.

With Internet Fax you get reliable Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax service to meet all your business needs. Fax from any web-connected device, from any location, at any time, and direct incoming faxes straight to your email inbox. Even better, you can schedule, manage and store all your faxes online in one central location for easy access. Internet Fax offers all these features at a tremendous savings over similar services. And compared to traditional fax machines, there’s no wasted supplies like ink or paper to pay for — you only print the faxes you need.


Why Internet Fax?

It simply makes sense. Our fast, cost-effective and reliable way of sending or receiving faxes by email is backed by exceptional customer service.
  • Your choice: Toll Free or Local Calls
  • Keep your existing fax number
  • Multiple users can share the account
  • No software to install

Benefits of Internet Fax

Receive Faxes Anywhere

Fax notifications are delivered to your email
SMS message notifications of faxes
View Faxes from any mobile device or online
Unlimited online storage of faxes
Easy web-based fax management system

Send Faxes with a Few Clicks

Send a fax by email from any device
Attach as many documents as you like
Send to multiple fax numbers or recipients
Easy online faxing from our web portal

Simple Pricing

Save 75% over traditional fax services
No fax phone lines needed
No more consumables, paper and ink
500 pages included with the base service

Peace of Mind

Fax notifications are SSL encrypted
Never lose a fax
Delete junk faxes without printing
Save faxes to your client folders
Forward faxes to other team members<{r>} Receive detailed delivery confirmations sent to your email

Multiple Email Accounts

Send a fax from any one of your email accounts. You are allowed to send from 8 authorized Email addresses. You can cc (carbon copy) an unlimited number of email addresses when a fax is received or sent

Fax by Email

Fax to any fax number using your regular Email account. No additional software is required and it works with ALL email clients. Supported file types include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text files, JPG, PNG, BMP and HTML.

Fax from the Web

Log in to your online fax account from our website and you can view, send, receive, forward faxes using our easy to follow screens.

Fax File Format

Receive faxes in PDF or TIFF file formats.

Never Busy Service

You can receive multiple faxes simultaneously and your clients will never get a busy signal.

Cover Pages

We provide you with a choice of three cover pages: Personal, Company and Standard. Use the one you need for each fax. Cover pages can also be customized with your own logo.

Unlimited Storage

Never lose a fax again. We keep a copy of all your faxes on our servers in Canada for as long as you are a client. All your faxes are available to you to view when you login to your Internet fax account, until you optionally delete them.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is guaranteed through password protection and online SSL encryption.
We do not share any of your information with any third parties.

Schedule Fax Delivery

When sending a fax via the online portal, it can be sent immediately, or you can schedule it for a later time.

Unlimited Pages

Fax as many pages as you like. You can send or receive more than your allocated included pages per month by paying a small additional fee per page.

Auto Resend

Our service will automatically resend failed fax transmissions up to 6 times. You can set the number of retries for your account.

Multiple Recipients

The same fax can be sent to up to 50 fax numbers at a time.

Excellent Junk Fax Filters

By reviewing your faxes online or in your email you can simply delete those paper-consuming junk faxes.