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Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics is a live reporting tool that empowers Contact Center operators to boost performance and customer satisfaction through actionable analytics and persona-driven customization. With customizable dashboards and separate views for supervisors and agents, Voice Analytics offers real-time granular insights into a call center’s daily operations.

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The Power of Simple, Intuitive Dashboards

Across the spectrum of key metrics that govern a Contact Center’s operations, Voice Analytics lets its users search, filter and customize the data they care about most at a glance, allowing them to identify trends and adjust accordingly. With the ability to save customized views and set up real-time alerts, managers can see the data they need when they need it – that way, they can address issues before they turn into larger problems that affect customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • Boost Contact Center Performance with actionable analytics.
  • Effectively managing Contact Center performance starts with timely access to relevant information.
  • Provide your clients with the tools they need to pinpoint and troubleshoot problem areas.