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Fax May 28, 2024

What is Virtual Fax and How Does it Work?

Send and receive faxes over the Internet on your computer—no clunky fax machine is needed.

Are you ready to transform how your clients communicate and gain a competitive edge in the digital age? Discover the untapped potential of virtual fax solutions with UnitedCloud, and see why modernizing business communication is not just an option but a necessity.

Faxing has come a long way from the cumbersome machines and thermal paper rolls of the past. It has evolved beyond recognition and now sits among the essential tools in our online toolbox. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation strategies, faxing over Internet Protocol (IP) has gained significant traction, replacing the old, clunky machines with a sleek, streamlined, and efficient virtual tool.

Businesses still use fax machines, with millions operating on traditional telephone lines even today. Why should any reseller consider offering virtual fax solutions? Why should businesses ditch the traditional approach for a new, seemingly complex one?

In this constantly evolving digital age, optimizing the tools at our disposal, driving efficiency and productivity to new levels, and reducing costs wherever possible is crucial. As a reseller, offering virtual fax solutions unlocks numerous opportunities that go beyond the simple transmission of documents. It opens up a world of enhanced security, compliance, efficiency, flexibility, and significant cost savings.

What is Virtual Fax?

Virtual fax, also known as online or internet faxing, are a modern method of sending and receiving faxes using the internet. Instead of relying on traditional fax machines and phone lines, internet fax solutions use email and web-based platforms to transmit documents. Businesses can send and receive faxes from any device with an internet connection, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

How Does Virtual Fax Work?

The process of virtual faxing is straightforward. When you send a fax, the document is converted into a digital format and transmitted over the Internet. The recipient’s virtual fax service then converts the digital document back into a format that can be viewed or printed. This seamless and efficient process eliminates the need for physical fax machines and paper documents.


You're not alone. Traditional fax machines hold back many businesses, reducing productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, there is a solution.


Four Key Benefits of Virtual Fax Solutions

Reason #1: Enhanced Security and Compliance

Internet fax solutions offer greater security compared to traditional faxing. Encryption protocols ensure data security and help businesses comply with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Reason #2: Cost Savings

Virtual faxing reduces hardware and maintenance costs and saves time, increasing productivity.

Reason #3: Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Faxes can be sent and received instantly from any device, streamlining workflows and enhancing business efficiency.

Reason #4: Flexibility and Accessibility

Businesses can send and receive faxes from anywhere, ensuring constant connectivity and supporting a mobile work environment.

Partner with UnitedCloud to Enhance Your Business

Virtual fax services provide a modern, efficient, and secure method of communication that aligns with the digital transformation strategies of modern businesses. For resellers, they present an opportunity to expand their product portfolio, enhance their market position, and drive business growth.

From enhanced security and compliance to cost savings, improved efficiency, and flexibility, virtual fax solutions are a game-changer for business communication. They eliminate the need for outdated fax machines, streamline workflows, and allow businesses to send and receive faxes from any device. For resellers, offering these solutions can help them meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, build trust with clients, and open up new opportunities, such as recurring revenue streams.

If you’re a reseller looking to offer your clients the modern tech solutions they need to stay ahead, UnitedCloud is the partner for you. With our support, you can make the transition to offering virtual fax solutions easy for your clients. Get started with a white-label online fax solution from UnitedCloud and revolutionize your business today.

Get a hands-on look at UnitedCloud with our team.

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